Advanced BJJ - BJJ 301

These classes focus on the Advanced techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is where students that have excelled in the basic principles and techniques can begin to combine their knowledge and learn to deal with very specific situations. Here students are able to develop intricate sequences, transitions and strategies to specialize and find their own path and define their own game.

You will learn possible life saving self-defense methods consisting of chokes, throws and joint manipulation to immobilize your opponent.

Judo for BJJ is essential for developing a solid take down game. Most of BJJ students will spend 90% or more time on the ground with little knowledge of the stand up aspects of the game. It is essential that a student know how to bring the fight to the ground.
This class will focus on the Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques) of Judo and how it can be applied to BJJ.

*For participation in this class, students will require a minimum of 3 months mat time. In some instances special permission may be granted from your instructor to attend these classes.