If your child is Home Schooled then we have a class specifically reserved for them! 

Our Home School Program follows our regular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)  curriculum. This Program runs for 4 months (32 classes) and will be offered twice a week. Your child will learn the basics of BJJ while improving their coordination and focus in a team environment. In addition, your child will also learn how to deter bullies without resorting to violence and will learn when it is acceptable to use BJJ in a self defence situation. Each class will end with a Life Skills and Character Development Lesson to further your child's confidence and self esteem. Parents will be able to follow along by getting exclusive access to our Online Video Library so your child will be able to practice in preparation for tests. Affinity Academy Instructors will administer promotions to students based on performance, character, attitude, and attendance. 

Spots are limited so register your child today!